Construction drawings

Construction drawings are technical documents produced to inform and communicate the detail of the project highlighting what to install, where, and how, they are the tangible product that allows the installation to happen.

They may also be used to form the basis for any bid and contract, defining what the contractor is to (“shall”) provide. As a result, it is imperative that the documents be as comprehensive and clear as possible.

At Terrain we cover all the bases, with fully detailed plans, drawings, specifications etc., we’ll also work through the plans with the contractors to ensure every detail is covered.

What we include in the drawings

We make it our mission to ensure that every aspect of a project is covered including, but not exclusive to the following:

Layout and Materials Plan

Dimension Plans

Hardscape Details

Grading and Drainage Plans

Planting Plan, Planting Details and Plant Lists and Specifications

Irrigation Plan, Water Distribution Plan, Irrigation Details, Irrigation Specifications and Irrigation Operation Schedules

Landscape Lighting Plan, Schedules and Details

Layout and Material Plans, Dimension Plans & Hardscape Details


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